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Fitness Begins with Diet & Exercise

  1. Know your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and Percent of Body Fat

    1. Gain access to a Body Composition Machine

    2. Buy an advanced scale that gives you both

    3. Determine your skeletal muscle mass in pounds

  2. Know your Macro Nutrient calorie counts

    • 1g of Carbohydrate is 4 Calories​

    • 1g of Protein is 4 Calories

    • 1g of Fat is is 9 Calories

    • Amount of Protein Per day

      • Body Building: 1g per pound x weight in pounds

      • Weight Loss and Otherwise: 1g per pound x (75% x weight in pounds)

    • Amount of Fat and Carbohydrates​

      • Strict Keto: 35g from carbs, remainder in fat

        • eg: 194lb in weight with a 2050 Calorie BMR​

          • 2050 Calories = (4 Calories of protein ​per gram x 1g of protein per pound x 194 pounds) + (4 Calories of carbohydrates x 35g) + 1,134 Calories of Fat

      • Weight Loss:​

  3. Try Strict Keto (less than 35g of carbs per day) for 3-4 weeks to understand it and to reset your blood sugar to normal levels

  4. Different exercises & diets are for different goals

    • Simple Goals​

      • ​Lose Fat 

        • Cardio Exercise (at least 350 calories per day)

        • Cardio Exercise should strain different muscle groups on different days

        • Calories eaten = BMR Calorie Count - Calories Burned in Exercise - 250 Calories

        • Consider low carbohydrate diets to put your body in fat burn mode

        • Exercise on an empty stomach

      • Gain Muscle

        • 3-4 Workout Days a week with 3-4 days Rest

        • 1g Protein per pound of wr

        • Rest Day means low amount cardio for lean muscle

        • Calories eaten = BMR Calorie Count - Calories Burned in Exercise + 250 Calories

        • Exercise: 10m of cardio + 1hr of weight resistance + 10 min of cardio

        • Exercise related muscles on different days (for example)

          • Day 1: Chest, Abs and Triceps

          • Day 2: Quads, Calves, Gluts and Hamstrings

          • Day 3: Back, Shoulders, Biceps

          • Day 4: Obliques and Inner & Outer Thighs

        • Post Workout Creatine, BCAA's and Protein

          • Small amount of natural sugar (blackberries) to cause an insulin spike​

          • Creatine restores ATP (you will feel rested after 10m)

          • Creatine + protein repairs muscle tissue

          • Better Bio-Availability for your protein source

            • Protein Shakes​

    • Advanced Goals:  

  5. Try Keto at least once for a couple of weeks